The Art Machine


The Art Machine was manufactured and assembled by Timothy Taylor at the Wassard Elea Refugium for Artists and Scholars in 2016. The Machine is constructed from many replaceable parts, each with a unique art function. The parts may be purchased individually. Made from polyurethane floral foam coated with Plaster of Paris, and like all high performance parts, they have a tendency to break frequently and require replacement. In addition, the model changes yearly to assure that previous versions get old and the particular collector will manifest currency with the trends in contemporary art. Be sure to update your version frequently with the latest Art Machine part design.

The Machine can do anything, but it doesn't work. It is, after all, an Art Machine. Replacing broken parts may not restore non-function of the art. The Machine may be purchased fully assembled at a shameless cost. We realize the role of contemporary art as primarily an investment and strive to maintain the exclusivity of your collection by keeping the price completely out of reach. There may be tax incentives to the purchase of artworks in some juristdictions governed with a staging of support for the arts amd humanities. Special discounts apply to art critics who have equipped their Art Machine with the Critic Screw (part #9), if they review the work favorably. (Critiques must be published in English). On this page the parts, part number, and non-functional capacity are listed for reference on the accompanying order form.


"Art Machine", 2016, Enamel on Plaster of Paris on Polyurethane, 20cm X 20cm X 25cm

"Art Machine", 2017 Update Assortment

"Art Machine", 2018 Update Assortment


Part #1: Central Control and Purpose Integrator

Part #1: Central Control and Purpose Integrator, view 2

Part #1: Central Control and Purpose Integrator, view 3

Part #1: Central Control and Purpose Integrator, view 4

Part #2: Spin Processor

Part #2: Spin Processor, view 2

Part #2: Spin Processor, view 3

Part #3: Secondary Importance Sprocket

Part #3: Secondary Importance Sprocket, view 2

Part #4: Genre Selection Flange

Part #4: Genre Selection Flange, view 2

Part #5: Commercial Slut Slider

Part #5: Commercial Slut Slider, view 2

Part #5: Commercial Slut Slider, view 3

Part #6: Secondary Control Box

Part #6: Secondary Control Box, view 2

Part #7: Main Drive Wheel

Part #7: Main Drive Wheel, view 2

Part #8: Main Treadmill Belt

Part #9: Critic Screw

Part #10: Vernacular Style Struts
Part #11: Schtick Resonators
Part #37: Meaning Change Induction Flagm

Part #12: Academic Shaft

Part #13: Color and Style Plug In

Part #14: Happy Slave

Part #15: Power Wedge Ambassadick

Part #15: Power Wedge Ambassadick. view 2

Part #16:Field Indction Hex
Part #17: Recycle validation Kit
#17a: History Eraser
#17b: New Idea PR Stir Rod

Part #18: Artist Image Developer

Part #19: Composition Formula Amalgamator

Part #20: Control Governor

Part #21: Basic Shape Trainer

Part #22: Validation Drive

Part #22: Validation Drive, view 2

Part #23: Snot Elevator Flange

Part #24: Attitude Filter

Part #24: Attitude Filter, view 2

Part #25: Abject Element

Part #26: Meaning Sprocket

Multi Media Kit
Part #27: Scale Adapter
Part #28: Academic Tuning Brace
Part #30: Executive Sump
Part # 31: Image Enhancer
Part #33: Art Scag Resistor
Part # 35: Fame Timer
Part #36: Hip Teacher Trick Drive
Part #38: Greenbergian Method Alignment

Part #29: Abject Meter

Part #32: Celebrity Chankre

Freudian Themes Thermistors
Part #34a: Dreams and Primal Process Add-On

Freudian Themes Thermistors
Part # 34b: Impulse Planner